Mprint - double-sided printing specialists

We offer two levels of portfolio printing service depending on how you would like to work with us. In both cases our competitive print prices remain the same which represents excellent value for the experience which we are able to bring to your work.

We print exclusively on sheet paper, rather than roll paper and have developed a speciality in double-sided portfolio printing. Our prints arrive completely flat, ready for exhibition and for portfolios. Our clients and their portfolio binders all like to receive flat, perfectly cut prints because they are much easier to make into the portfolio.

Nothing in our workflow is automated. We check all of your files for quality and then we optimise them for printing, saving this work in layers.

Ideally your files will have been prepared on a calibrated monitor (not a laptop!) and in a colour managed workflow. However we are aware that this is not the case for all of our clients. If you are concerned that your setup might not be fully colour managed or you would like the peace of mind of going through your files with us prior to printing, we offer a Directed Service which gives you the opportunity to come and sit with us in our studio and go through your files on one of our screens. If any files need amending this can then be done to give you the best quality file to print from.

Whichever service you choose we will provide you with guidelines to file submission, layout templates and double sided print guidelines.

If you have arranged a fixed date for printing we should receive files at least 24 hours before the day of printing to allow us to check the files and get back to you if necessary prior to printing.

Double-sided printing takes place over two days to allow dry down time on one side before printing the other side. Please bear this in mind when planning any deadlines.

Regardless of which service you opt for, where possible, we encourage you to collect the work in person and approve each print.

We archive the work files for you at no charge so you can order reprints quickly and with confidence.

Standard Portfolio Printing Service

This is a “print what you send us” service so if you are choosing our Basic Service, you should be confident that:

  • Your workflow is fully colour managed i.e. your monitor is calibrated with a quality hardware measuring device ( i1 Display Pro, Spyder, etc ) and the associated profiling software.
  • Your files are clean and free from sensor marks, dust marks or retouching errors.
  • Your layouts are accurate and ready to print.

If you are working on a laptop screen we would highly recommend spending a little time with us checking your files over which would fall under our Directed Service.

We check all your files prior to printing. If they are good to go, we will proceed. If we feel there are any problems you may have missed we will let you know. If you wish to go ahead with the existing files there will be no extra charge. If the problems are valid and we go on to manage these with you then this will fall under our Directed Service charges.

Directed Portolio Printing Service

Charged in increments of £15 per 15 minutes or part thereof (£60/hour).

The following scenarios are part or our Directed Service:

As described above during the Basic Service initial file check, if we see anything that we think needs amending, we will contact you for further direction. If this involves managing a file correction process with you it will be charged at the Directed Service price. This could either involve going through the amendments with you for resubmission or if you prefer we can take care of it all for you.

If you wish to take advantage of our calibrated setup and colour managed workflow, sit down with us and look at each of your files. We can check layouts, colour accuracy, add adjustment layers, local sharpening and any file clean up at this stage.

With our portfolio printing service, we can offer our advice and opinion on paper types, layouts, and any other aspects of your portfolio. We do not do layouts, however, and you should ensure you are happy with the accuracy of your layouts.